Thanks for visiting the website! We're really excited to be planning our big day in September. We'll be updating here with (hopefully) fun details about the wedding planning process. 203 days to go!

So far the experience has been great. Who knew that you could get so much done via email on your lunch break? We've nailed down our date, location, caterer, DJ, photographer, florist, and my dress. Woo hoo! Google Spreadsheets is my friend.

Here's a question to get everyone going... what was your favorite wedding memory? Either from your own wedding or from a wedding you have attended in the past. Post it to the comments section to share with everyone!

Megan Kounnas
2/21/2010 04:06:37

This website is AWESOME guys! Such a cool venue too!! (o: It's not too far off so enjoy the engagement!! (o: I'm so happy for the both of you!

2/23/2010 23:52:40

I love it!! You are just so clever, what a cute site. I'll be checking often for updates (no pressure). =D We are all so excited for your wedding - and to "officially" welcome Lisa to the family. We're so happy for you both!
Much love, Cindy


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