Well, we finally finished up our registries (check out the link to the left), although I'm sure we'll do some tweaking as time goes on. We decided that we are going to live in Tom's current apartment after we're married, so we've been in negotiations on redecoration/ home repairs before the big merger. Tom has been a WONDERFUL hubby-to-be and is checking off items on the "honey-do" list like lightning! We're both excited to make the apartment our first "home". I promise you that you won't recognize it when we're through!

The last registry that we completed was at Macy's. I mentioned to Tom that I was going after work and he surprised me on the escalator as I was headed up to the bedding department! I still have no idea how he managed to track me down in a store that's 9 stories tall and half a city block long. We discovered that the first thing we want to purchase for the new living space is a new mattress set. We found a few that we liked and we'll be heading back to make a decision as the move-in date gets closer.

We did, however, realize that we would both REALLY like a king-size bed. One small problem, we weren't sure if it would fit in the bedroom! Both bedrooms in Tom's apartment are 7 1/2 by 8 1/2 feet. A king-size bed is 6 ft 4 in wide and 6 ft 8. in long. That would make it truly a "BED"room. We would have 7 inches of room on either side of the bed and 22 inches of room from the end of the bed to the wall. But, we're pretty sure we could fit it through the door, which was also a major concern. It will be an investment in our future happiness! Anyone who knows Tom or I, KNOWS that we are very cranky if we don't get a good night's sleep. So we can deal with squeezing in and out of the room if it means waking up refreshed and happy :)

What else did YOU purchase as newlyweds that made your early married life better?

Doesn't sound like there will be room for dressers or a hamper! Just something to think about. Also a king-sized bed discourages snuggling. We find queen-sized to be perfect for having enough personal space for comfort, but also the other person is within arm's reach for snuggletime. Loving these updates!


Please someone video you guys trying to fit a King size mattress into that room!
Pretty Please! Im picturing it in my head and laughing outloud! Or maybe I am just picturing Kel and I trying to do it!


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