Yesterday, I forgot to go to work...

Some of you may know that I have every-other Monday off and flex those hours over the other 9 days in a two-week pay period. Well, I thought yesterday was one of those "days off", but I was wrong. My co-worker called at 11:30am while I was sitting on the couch, in my pjs, drinking coffee.

Lisa: Hello?
Co-Worker: Hey, where are you?
L: At home...
CW: Um, don't you have feeding group today?
L: Uhhhhh... FH&D*^#$KJ!!!!!

Needless to say, I have never gotten from couch to desk faster! 45 minutes from phone call to dropping my stuff at my cubicle and running like the wind to pacify my very patient patients.

Today I submitted to my supervisor the laundry list of days off required this summer. I will be attending 7 weddings between now and my own wedding in September. I am maid of honor in one in June (Kelly's) and a bridesmaid in another (Alli's). 5 of those weddings are out of town. Plus 2 bridal shower/bachelorette weekends. Plus my own wedding and honeymoon. I guess I'd better not get sick! Thank goodness for my INSANE amount of vacation time! God Bless La Rabida and their employee benefits package!

Now if only I can remember to GO to work and not waste vacation time on being stupid...

Home Sweet Home 03/09/2010
Well, we finally finished up our registries (check out the link to the left), although I'm sure we'll do some tweaking as time goes on. We decided that we are going to live in Tom's current apartment after we're married, so we've been in negotiations on redecoration/ home repairs before the big merger. Tom has been a WONDERFUL hubby-to-be and is checking off items on the "honey-do" list like lightning! We're both excited to make the apartment our first "home". I promise you that you won't recognize it when we're through!

The last registry that we completed was at Macy's. I mentioned to Tom that I was going after work and he surprised me on the escalator as I was headed up to the bedding department! I still have no idea how he managed to track me down in a store that's 9 stories tall and half a city block long. We discovered that the first thing we want to purchase for the new living space is a new mattress set. We found a few that we liked and we'll be heading back to make a decision as the move-in date gets closer.

We did, however, realize that we would both REALLY like a king-size bed. One small problem, we weren't sure if it would fit in the bedroom! Both bedrooms in Tom's apartment are 7 1/2 by 8 1/2 feet. A king-size bed is 6 ft 4 in wide and 6 ft 8. in long. That would make it truly a "BED"room. We would have 7 inches of room on either side of the bed and 22 inches of room from the end of the bed to the wall. But, we're pretty sure we could fit it through the door, which was also a major concern. It will be an investment in our future happiness! Anyone who knows Tom or I, KNOWS that we are very cranky if we don't get a good night's sleep. So we can deal with squeezing in and out of the room if it means waking up refreshed and happy :)

What else did YOU purchase as newlyweds that made your early married life better?
Second only to dress shopping, registering for wedding gifts has to be one of the most fun things I've done so far! Last weekend I went to Crate and Barrel during one of their "Registry Events". Every Sunday they open the store 2 hours early for engaged couples to come and start building their registries without fighting the regular weekend crowds. Tom was unfortunately in Colorado at the time, so I got to pick out all the fun stuff. (I say unfortunately, but seeing the dazed/lost/numb looks on many of the other grooms faces at 9am on a Sunday, I think he was pretty lucky to not comparison shop for stemware).

I didn't want Tom to totally miss out on ALL the fun, so today he came with me to "review" all the selections I made. Simple "yay" or "nay" to the plates, cups, forks, and cookware that we'll be using for the rest of our lives :) I think he actually had fun and we discovered that we have very similar tastes. One registry down! We're both excited about starting to create a home for our new family of two! 

My parents still use a LOT of the things that they registered for 30 years ago. Anyone else have something that they received as a wedding present that they still use today?
Thanks for visiting the website! We're really excited to be planning our big day in September. We'll be updating here with (hopefully) fun details about the wedding planning process. 203 days to go!

So far the experience has been great. Who knew that you could get so much done via email on your lunch break? We've nailed down our date, location, caterer, DJ, photographer, florist, and my dress. Woo hoo! Google Spreadsheets is my friend.

Here's a question to get everyone going... what was your favorite wedding memory? Either from your own wedding or from a wedding you have attended in the past. Post it to the comments section to share with everyone!