Getting Around Town

There are plenty of ways to travel in Chicago. Whether by foot, bike, bus, train, cab, or car; we want to make sure that we don't lose anyone on the big day! For specific directions to the hotels or ceremony and reception, please click on the links to the left.

Public Transporation

The Chicago version of public transportation is referred to as the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority). The elevated train system is known as the "el". This is in reference to the word "elevated" and not short for "el train-o" as Lisa first thought when she moved to the city. 

This is the CTA website link, where you can find maps of the bus and rail lines as well as schedules and ticket information. CTA passes can be purchased at most El stations.

Another helpful tool is the Public Transit option on Google Maps. The entire CTA system is integrated into google maps. When searching for directions, select "By Public Transit" instead of "By Car" to get directions via train or bus.


Cabs in Chicago are plentiful and available 24 hours a day. Most hotels and restaurants offer cab stands outside the front door. Otherwise, cabs are easily accessed via the standard "arm waving on the corner" technique. Cab drivers in Chicago are usually quite knowledgeable and friendly. It is helpful to give them not only the address of where you are going, but the nearest intersection as well. We will try to provide you with this information for all wedding weekend activities.

Here are the phone numbers for a few cab companies should you need to call:

Flash Cab (773)-561-1444
Yellow Cab (312)-386-1524